“PRESS & BEAT - CHRISTMAS”: the ideal online quiz challenge for groups this season

christmas tv show online

"Team Building Virtual - TBV", a company specialized in the organization of Group team buildings in Spain, has just launched an activity that is likely to become the ideal option for those groups that are looking for a fun time before the end of the year.... but cannot meet in person!

It is the "PRESS and BEAT", a fun online quiz where each participant must answer from their home, office or any other place a variety of questions and challenges on various topics.  There is no limit to the number of participants, so it is suitable for a small group (for example, for the heads of a department) or for the entire staff of a company.

And as it is a totally customisable activity, TBV has designed a themed version for this Christmas season that is already upon us, the "PRESS and BEAT CHRISTMAS QUIZ" that guarantees a super entertaining time, for example among colleagues of the same company, in these times when it is so necessary to maintain links between people.

You can also add to this game questions about a company, about some people or about any topic.

The "PRESS and BEAT" is complemented by other remote activities that the EXPERIENCE BOX group also organises, such as the "MARS EXPERIENCE" or "THE PHARAO'S PYRAMID", which are games designed for teamwork, with "teams" of between five and seven people, who will compete with each other to solve various enigmas and collaborative challenges.