Weddings and Events in 2021

Bodas y eventos post covid19

The celebration of weddings and events in 2020 and 2021 is one of the sections of social life that has been most affected. A great uncertainty that does not allow us to really know when and how we will return to normality in this sector.

And the fact is that a long list of events and celebrations are still waiting to find out how and when they can be held.

How do you plan and organise an event or wedding in the last months of 2020 and during 2021?

This is a very good question and complicated to answer as the regulations are changing according to the evolution of contagion. Furthermore, cities and regions in Spain may have different regulations depending on the state of the pandemic in their areas.

Recommendations to take into account when planning your wedding and/or event in Covid-19 times:

  • Try to choose an open and spacious space.
  • Avoid large groups. Simply the guests and participants essential.
  • Respect all health security measures. (Masks, disinfectant gels, safety distances, etc.)
  • Serve meals on individual plates.
  • Ensure that the chosen location complies with all cleaning regulations, safety distance signs, space disinfection, etc.
  • Try to use disposable materials, both during the banquet as well as during the rest of the event.
  • Have the support of an organiser and/or professionals who can advise you at all times on the steps and processes to be followed to carry out the event successfully.

Impact of regulations on the organisation of events and weddings

  • Implementation of the technology (meeting via streaming, virtual events etc...)
  • Organize the event or wedding in the same city to avoid displacement.
  • For event companies, count on local companies, as they will not be able to travel and will have to organise their events and activities in their city.
  • Large congresses and fairs should be held in smaller sessions and by city, to avoid crowds in the same venue/city.
  • Make events and weddings with less capacity.
  • Follow the rules implemented at the venue such as time limits, table assembly to guarantee safety distance, use of masks, gel etc...
  • Foresee extra costs for cleaning and disinfection of the spaces.
  • Adaptation, limitation and difficulty of organizing "Team Building" activities since it is not possible to gather teams of many people.
  • Have the support of a professional/event organiser from the chosen city to help with the whole process as that person will know all the regulations and safety measures to follow in order to organise an event safely.

If you are not clear about all the measures, steps, data... to be able to organize the event, it is better to postpone and wait to see the evolution until, hopefully, you return to the desired normality.

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