2021, the year of events and celebrations


Will the 365 days in 2021 be enough to celebrate all our events?

That's a very good question! 80% of the events, weddings, celebrations that were going to take place this year were postponed to next year. Some already with specific dates and others waiting to know later the security regulations, to travel, to know the allowed capacities and much more...

What have many people faced when it comes to postponing their event, their wedding, their celebration? The fact that by 2021 many restaurants, venues, churches and service providers of all kinds already had dates reserved for other confirmed events. Some suppliers have found themselves having to reject the new postponed event date and having to return the money for not agreeing on a date for 2021 or have even decided to look at a date for 2022!

Will we have "overbooking" of events, weddings, fairs, celebrations...? We all hope that 2021 will be a "great" year and that we will be able to make up for what we lost in 2020!

But under what conditions will we be able to organize events? In spite of being able to organize an event, a wedding... will the guests be afraid to travel?

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