Martinez Selva Publishes Book on Technostress


Jose Maria Martinez Selva has recently published a new book, entitled Tecnoestrés. Ansiedad y adaptación a las nuevas tecnologías en la era digital [Techostress. Anxiety and adaptation to new technologies in the digital era] (Editorial Paidós), addressing the problems caused by the intense use of new technologies in all the areas of daily life.

Martinez Selva's new book deals with the two extremes that can occur in attitudes towards new technologies: people that are reticent about using them and those that are excessively dependent on them or even confess to be addicted to them.

In the first case, technophobes run the risk of hindering their professional development and isolating themselves from society in important areas of their life, including leisure and personal relationships. In the second case, those that are excessively dependent on technology and recognize, with anxiety, that they are incapable of doing without their mobile telephone or Internet connection, even for a couple of hours.

The book describes ways of tackling these problems and maintaining a good relationship with the new devices and systems that are now omnipresent and practically indispensible.

Martinez Selva's new book also addresses the risks that can occur in the work environment, information overload, the problems stemming from new forms of communication, the enormous changes brought about in daily life, and addictions to technology as a psychopathological problem.