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Barcelona based location agency specialising in film and photo productions.

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Avenida Mistral 18, 7-3
08015 Barcelona Barcelona

spot. was founded in Barcelona by Bruno Schiavi. Working hand in hand with some of the best international production teams, Bruno has become a trusted partner who delivers high quality location services for all types of productions.

With over a decade of experience, our extensive network of diverse locations and our strong location team will help your production run smoothly in just the right spot.

To spark your imagination, take a look at a selection of locations on our site. These are just a small sample of what we have to offer, so please tell us what you need and our team would be happy to find the perfect location for you.

Our services include:

Multilingual team: We are a multinational team able to guide you in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese.

References: We will provide you with the best location references to help you win your projects.

Location scouting: Our professional scouts will get you spectacular images and even drone shots if you need them.

Permitting: We can manage every kind of permit you might need so your productions always run smoothly

Location managers: We work with highly experienced location managers that will support you on the field with their local know how.

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