Weddings: details that make the difference

Detalles para bodas

In preparing this article we realise that there are an infinite number of options, ideas and details to consider when organising a wedding to reflect the personality, history, culture and soul of the bride and groom.

The decoration of all the stages that the bride and groom and their guests will step on is one of the main factors that will define the style of the celebration: the place of the ceremony, the appetizer before the banquet, the dance floor and even the bathrooms must be decorated with the theme, flowers, initials, anything that is in keeping with the couple's taste. It is important not to overlook any corner.

The entrance and exit doors, the tables, chairs and armchairs... even the plants and trees can have decorative motifs of emotional value! For example, old family photographs hanging from the branches and linked together with threads in the colours of the event, blank pieces of paper that guests can use to write down their wishes as if they were the signature book and then hang them up with pastel or rustic tweezers.

The entrance to the place of the ceremony and/or celebration will be an ideal showcase to give the guests an idea of the style of the wedding. The welcome sign, the panels indicating the direction of the ceremony, banquet or court, the table plan and even some small food and refreshment stands at the disposal can reflect, according to their design, material or colour, the atmosphere that will be found below.

We would not want to continue without also mentioning the wedding car. The vehicle in which the bride and groom will travel both before and after the wedding is important. Choosing it with taste and decorating it with flowers, ribbons, a "Just Married" sign with the number plate and even hanging some cans behind it that will crawl and sound once it is in motion are details that always please. Take a look at our wedding transport section... 

There are ancient traditions that still mean a lot to the vast majority of brides. Like wearing something new, something old, something blue and something borrowed. It is important to choose everything with time so that it has a value, a special meaning that the bride will carry with emotion and remember forever.

The texts read during the ceremony represent the most exciting part of the wedding. Both the vows of the bride and the words dedicated to them by family and friends will be one of the greatest tokens of love and the source of tears for those attending. And speaking of tears and details, we have seen little boxes in miniature format for happy tears that will surprise everyone as well as being very useful at those precise moments.

Another significant detail, which is common and which always or almost always appears in the photographic reports, is the rice or the petals that are thrown to the bride and groom at the end of the wedding ceremony. There are more options such as rose petals, which can be combined according to the colours of the theme, scented potpourri and many more. The baskets in which they are distributed can also be personalized.

To surprise your guests with details that they are sure to take advantage of, perhaps you could consider the following ideas:

  • A photocall personalized with the slogan, the hashtag (so fashionable nowadays), or the logo of the newlyweds. Of course it will also be the setting for some of the couple's main wedding photos.
  • Some frames hanging from the ceiling, from the branches of some trees in case it is outdoors, behind which the guests will be placed to take funny pictures together with a box of various accessories.
  • A place for the women to keep their heels after having taken a pair of ballerinas, espadrilles or flip-flops customised for the wedding that will allow them to rest their feet and stay longer on the dance floor.
  • Umbrellas and fans in case of extreme heat and that they can keep as part of the gifts from the bride and groom.
  • Prepare with care the children's table including sweets, colours, toys so that they can settle in and enjoy the dinner having fun and letting their parents enjoy it in turn.
  • Snacks and sweet corner during the party so that everyone can tolerate alcohol better.
  • Personalised "glass tops" that guests will use to cover their glass every time they want to get up to dance or go to the toilet, thus ensuring that the waiters do not remove them.
  • If you are celebrating outdoors in summer, it would be great if the hosts could offer sprays or small body rolls to avoid insect bites that can spoil the party for anyone.

The lights, in each wedding scenario will be decisive for the atmosphere of the moment, the quality of the photographs and the decoration in general. The bride and groom should carefully choose the light they will have when preparing in the morning, during the ceremony, the banquet and also the wedding dance. Together with the music, the light will remain in the memory of the bride and groom and the attendees and of course in the videos that they will watch so many times throughout their lives. For example, little boxes or buckets with flares surrounding the couple during their first wedding dance, will result in an unforgettable image for everyone.

Finally, how not to mention the music that will be the soundtrack of such a special day. The song of the story of the lovers, their favourite instruments, some musicians close to them or their favourite band. The choice of music is not an easy task but it is extremely important so that the essence of the protagonists of that great day is really captured at all times. Take a look at our section of bands and groups for weddings...

Of course, at Event Planner Spain we will never tire of recommending a professional weeding planner who will make sure that the wishes of the bride and groom are shaped and realised.

The organisation of a wedding should be an enjoyable experience to be enjoyed without stress, obligations or tasks. A wedding planner will make sure that absolutely everything is perfectly organised, that the schedules are met, that the bride and groom don't have to think about whether they forgot to bring something to the ceremony, that the guests know where they have to be at all times, that they coordinate the collection of objects at the end of the event, and much more.

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