Destination wedding cake inspiration

¿Es importante tener una tarta de boda?

Getting married in a hot and sunny “destination wedding” location like Spain means that an ice cream wedding cake is probably not a good idea! Read about all the different options and inspirational alternatives for beautiful wedding cakes in a warm climate.


Is it important to have a wedding cake?

The origin of wedding cake goes back to Roman times when a sweet barley cake was broken over the bridal couple’s head as a symbol of fertility.

For some couples a three tiered wedding cake decorated with white icing is now a tradition that they must have and they are happy to source the best caterers to provide it.

Other couples want to maintain the tradition of cutting the cake but prefer an alternative type of cake or confection.

Some couples don’t like cake but want to keep the tradition so a savoury option such as three layers of different cheeses makes a great alternative.

And there are couples for whom a wedding cake is just not important.

There are traditions and cultural rituals, but there are no rules. The decision to have a wedding cake is entirely up to you.


Wedding cakes in hot countries

Here are some very practical top tips

·         Wedding cakes may not have storage room in the caterer’s fridge, in which case ask for an air conditioned room to keep it in until ready.

·         Consider cutting the cake BEFORE you sit down for the rest of your meal

o   A tray of sliced cake is easier to present than an uncut three tiered creation that has collapsed in the heat

o   If the cake is cut early on in the celebrations, vulnerable or older people can leave early without missing out

·         Hard fondant icing protects the actual cake underneath better than buttercream that may not sit well in the heat


Practical wedding cake tips

·         Check the baker’s contract is to DELIVER the cake to its ultimate destination.
Transporting a wedding cake from where it was made to the wedding venue is a big responsibility!

·         Wedding cakes are more than a decoration, they should taste good too!

o   Talk to your caterer, event organiser, wedding planner about different flavours and recipes from sponge cakes to fruit cakes

o   Arrange a tasting

·         Decide on the number of servings

o   Make sure you budget for the number of servings – there shouldn’t be a lot left over

o   A square or oblong cake is easier to cut with less waste than a round cake

·         Consider cutting a beautiful, small cake – but have “sheet cake” already cut and ready to serve to your guests


Wedding cake alternatives

If you just want to offer a sweet course at the end of your wedding meal, then consider a dessert table with different options including pastries, fruit and cheese.

Would you like a centre piece as a focal point for photographs that can be shared with guests? Then a mountain of cupcakes instead of one big cake is a great idea.

And for couples who do not want to offer a sweet plate, look for three whole cheeses of different sizes that can sit one on top of the other similar to a cake – or go back to the Roman origins of wedding cake and choose three round loaves of bread.


Whatever you choose, you can have your destination wedding cake – and eat it!


Author bio: Debbie Skyrme is "Celebrant Spain".  Award winning bilingual destination wedding celebrant officiating elopements, vow renewals and wedding ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.

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