Non-Religious Wedding Readings

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Many couples are choosing non-religious weddings and looking for alternative readings that reflect their personal beliefs and resonate deeply with their love story – so just how and where can they find inspiration?

Readings about Friendship and Love

A wedding is not just a celebration of romantic love but also a testament to the enduring bond of friendship between two people. Non-religious wedding readings often emphasize the importance of companionship and the role of friendship in a successful marriage. Readings that explore the strength of the couple's friendship, their mutual support, and the joy of sharing life's adventures can create a heartfelt and authentic atmosphere during the ceremony.

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Match the reading to the reader

An important consideration is WHO is going to read the texts at your wedding.

By matching your choice of reading to the reader it will sound much more authentic.

Perhaps you want to invite a young person or a child to say something at your wedding – in which case choose something light hearted that they will understand.

Rock My Wedding has some great suggestions for Children’s Wedding Readings


Personal Stories and Vows

One of the most touching ways to incorporate non-religious elements into a wedding ceremony is through personal stories and vows. Couples can share anecdotes about their journey together, describing the milestones they have achieved and the challenges they have overcome. By writing and exchanging heartfelt vows, couples can express their love, commitment, and promises to one another, making their wedding ceremony a unique and deeply personal experience.

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Inspirational Quotes and Wisdom

Non-religious wedding readings often draw from a vast array of inspirational quotes and wisdom from philosophers, writers, and thinkers throughout history. These passages can provide couples with guidance, encouragement, and profound insights into the nature of love and relationships. From well-known authors like Maya Angelou and Pablo Neruda to contemporary poets and philosophers, there is an abundance of non-religious quotes that capture the essence of love and commitment.

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Personalise your wedding with readings you relate to

Non-religious wedding readings offer couples a wide range of possibilities to create a ceremony that authentically reflects their beliefs, values, and love story. From celebrating the beauty of nature to highlighting the power of friendship and love, non-religious readings allow couples to craft a ceremony that is deeply meaningful to them and their guests. By incorporating personal anecdotes, vows, and inspirational quotes, couples can infuse their wedding ceremony with their unique voices and create a joyous and unforgettable celebration of their love and unity.

But above all – choose words that YOU BOTH relate to. This is your wedding day and every word counts!!!

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