How to keep cool at a wedding in the Spanish sun


The guaranteed Spanish summer sunshine is one of the best things about a wedding in Spain – but as temperatures rise, how can you keep your ceremony cool at a wedding in the Spanish sun?


Long, hot Spanish wedding ceremonies

You might think that sitting in the sunshine for a thirty minute wedding ceremony would be a pleasure – but you would be wrong.

Award winning European wedding celebrant, Debbie Skyrme advises:

“Never underestimate the power of the Spanish sunshine”

Even in winter, people with pale skins will burn in the Spanish sunshine. Children and older people are particularly vulnerable to sunstroke but it is the high temperatures as much as the direct sunshine that can cause even the fittest wedding guest to suffer from the effects of heat, especially if they are dehydrated.

Debbie continues:

“Never underestimate the length of time you will be sitting down at a wedding ceremony”

Although the actual ceremony might be scheduled to start and finish at a particular time, there are many unpredictable elements that can delay and prolong the event. It is not only the bride who is often traditionally late for her wedding ceremony, problems with traffic or unfamiliar directions to the venue can cause guests to be late too. I officiated a wedding recently where a whole coach load of guests were dropped off at the wrong venue, causing a delay of over and hour.

Then there is the wedding guest who instead of reading the agreed text, decided to make a twenty minute long speech right in the middle of the ceremony…. but that’s literally another story!


Plan to keep cool

Look at your ceremony space and plan with your wedding coordinator how you can shade it. Your photographer will thank you for it!

There is nothing worse than one partner squinting with their face to the sun whilst the other partner’s face is in full shade.

  • Leafy wedding bower – natural foliage makes a great eco-friendly shaded altar space, but don’t forget your guests’ comfort too
  • Hold your ceremony under the trees – remember to check the time of day and where the sun and shade will be actually during your ceremony!
  • Canvas awning – many boutique wedding venues choose a modern canvas sail or canopy to shade wedding guests
  • Choose an indoor space which is open to the sides


How to keep your cool at a Spanish wedding

There are lots of wonderful ways to keep cool. Instead of wedding favours, wedding couples can provide their guests with:

  • Pretty parasols – they look wonderful in your wedding photos
  • Panama hats – again, a coordinated “look” for guests looks great in your photos
  • Spanish fans – why not personalise them by writing the date of the wedding to create a wonderful memento of your special day
  • Bottles of water or flavoured water stations – dehydration is a real danger at a wedding under full sun. Encourage your guests to drink lots of water when they arrive at your ceremony.

Whatever the time of year, plan ahead and you will enjoy the best of all worlds – a wedding in the Spanish sunshine, with the option of shade!


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Author bio: Debbie Skyrme is "Celebrant Spain".  Award winning bilingual destination wedding celebrant officiating elopements, vow renewals and wedding ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.