How do you organize a private party or event and not die trying?

Fiestas privadas de verano

As we all know, this summer 2020 is being a different summer and we cannot celebrate in a big way nor organize big events as we Spaniards like to do, but that does not mean that we are not going to celebrate everything that deserves a big party... birthdays, wedding anniversaries, the typical summer stay outdoors with friends and family, theme parties, etc.

In our event agencies section, you will find a list of the best professionals for the organization of private events in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga or any other province within Spain where you are or want to celebrate your party/event.

These professionals will make your life much easier and will help you save a lot of worries, such as finding a suitable event space or a catering company to delight your guests with the best cocktails and canapés, and thus surprise the most exquisite palates so that they never forget your party! Or an audiovisual rental company to make the party sound like it should and to ensure that no one is left without going out on the floor, and of course a special decoration for events and theme parties or simply to ensure the comfort of the attendees with the best event furniture.

And most important of all, these event professionals will make sure that everything meets the required safety and hygiene standards at all times.

And if you don't feel like contacting any agency and would prefer Event Planner Spain to help you do so, just fill out our short quotation form and we will gladly pass your proposal on to our best suppliers for events and private parties, they will give you a free quote with no obligation!

Happy Summer 2020 from Event Planner Spain!!