Andalusia and Latin America. Bonds of emotion.

Dance and emotion. Andalusia and Latin America.

The Andalusian production company ACCEPTUS Producciones is preparing a new audiovisual work of special sensitivity.

Last year, Acceptus premiered RECONSTRUYENDO at the Festival Otoño Cultural Iberoamericano. First Huelva and then Seville were the cities where RECONSTRUYENDO, in different presentations and events, has moved people. 

RECONSTRUYENDO now begins its Ibero-American tour while the production company is immersed in what will be the second part of an exceptional audiovisual project, born from the deep relationship that the production company maintains with the academic and social, but also cultural and artistic world.

The new RE... promises to surprise.

But in the meantime, the production company continues to invite us to reflection and emotion from the sensibility of RECONSTRUYENDO.