Another surprising production

ACCEPTUS, toujours lié aux arts, démontre une fois de plus sa capacité audiovisuelle.

ACCEPTUS, in its tireless commitment to the culture and history of Andalusia, surprises once again with "Sevilla Creativa", an audiovisual production that unites fashion and heritage.

This audiovisual work, created in synergy with CIEIA (the Congress on the Ibero-American Exposition) highlights the architectural heritage of one of the emblematic buildings of the legacy of the 1929 Exposition, the Argentine Pavilion. An exquisite bet that makes this historic building the perfect setting to present fashion through dance.

ACCEPTUS, always linked to the arts, once again demonstrates its ability to understand fashion from the perspective of art, and to transmit it with exquisiteness, delicacy and originality.

In February, Acceptus received the GECA and SGAE Foundation Award for Best Audiovisual Production in Andalusia in 2020 "for converting audiovisual creation into a support for communicating our Monumental Heritage and internationalising Andalusian culture".

This new production, released on June 1st, has already received outstanding reviews, some of them coming from France and Russia.


Some comments...

"It's a complete experience to see your work, it's wonderful...".

"Elegant and with exquisite care... something that doesn't surprise me, because to say Acceptus is to say palate and good taste, professionalism and knowing how to reach where not everyone reaches... How difficult it is to awaken a feeling as only you know how to do it! Congratulations!

"A spectacular job".

"A bomb!!! Super nice!!! Congratulations from Russia. What you guys do sends shivers down the spine!!!"