Spainventure Andalusia of adventure

At our first pandemic summer Andalusia of adventure -as a Autonomous comunity- has stood out throughout Spain as a leading Adventure tourism destination, thus demonstrating the potential it has within the Iberian Peninsula. Adventure tourism is a great opportunity to reconnect with nature, go back to visiting the inland villages and enjoy the outdoors.

                                 "Adventure tourism is a great opportunity to reconnect with nature"

Carrying out activities in full contact with nature, away from the agglomerations of the big cities, is presented as an option according to the new reality that we have to live. The activities that are recovering the fastest are those related to adventure and rural tourism.

One of the advantages of enjoying an adventurous Andalusia without leaving the province - in a safe way and complying with the new sanitary measures - is, surely, to help the population settle in rural areas and the development of the SMEs in inland municipalities, reactivating an economy affected by this COVID-19 that surrounds us at every moment, using their accommodation and enjoying of the adventure activities.

                        "... every corner offers us the opportunity to enjoy an adventurous Andalusia

                                            practicing active and traditional tourism activities..."

Since the beginning of we have supported the promotion of the knowledge of our autonomous community and its provinces -all of them with an amazing potential and that has no limit-, every corner offers us the opportunity to enjoy an Andalusian adventure practicing activities of active and traditional tourism, making an exceptional mix to get to know the Andalusian provinces in a totally different way.

Surely you will be able to recognize the potential of our Andalusian adventure, do not leave your province to rest, leave in our expert hands the possibility of preparing the best adventure trip that you can dream, our spainventure team will help you to dream from the first moment.