COVID digital travel certificate arrives in Spain from June with 3 requirements

Pasaporte Covid

The digital passport to prove that we can travel safely through the COVID-19 is just around the corner. Health wants that in June the autonomous regions have already implemented this system, which will work with a QR code and on paper to be able to travel in Spain and the European Union without restrictions.



This Thursday, the Secretary General for Digital Health, Alfredo González, began to explain what the Spanish version of the COVID Digital Green Passport would consist of.

What is the purpose and requirements of the COVID Digital Passport?

The aim of this certificate is to facilitate tourism and travel. Its full implications are not yet clear, but the Secretary General has let it be known that its holders - both foreigners arriving in Spain and Spaniards travelling abroad - will not be required to undergo compulsory quarantines on arrival at their destinations.

The aim is to have it enabled in June so that the summer campaign benefits as much as possible.

The three ways to obtain it

The COVID-19 Green Certificate will show whoever has it that:

- They are accredited as having been vaccinated

- They are PCR negative

- It certifies that the COVID-19 has been passed.

How the COVID passport will work

Although it has not yet been implemented, the Health Department has explained that it will generate a certificate with a QR code that will integrate the above assumptions.

This passport will be simple and interoperable throughout the European Union and will be free and universal.

The issue and delivery of the certificates will be the responsibility of the autonomous communities, both in electronic and paper format, where it has also been confirmed that they will be valid.

Health also stressed that "it will respect data protection and privacy, and there are plans to extend this certificate to third countries outside the European Union".

Passports in dispute

The EU and Spain have had their changes of heart on passports, going from proposing them to discarding them because of "possible discrimination".

The EU and Spain have changed their minds about passports and have gone from proposing them to discarding them because of "possible discrimination". The certificate is thus an opportunity for member states to adapt existing restrictions on public health grounds.