Where there is a dream, there is a way: 15 years of Divertia Smile Company

Divertia Smile Company has just celebrated its 15th anniversary. Fifteen years of a dream that began one night in Madrid. For the founders, dreams should know no limits; 15 years since two friends decided to make their big dream come true. This company started out without an established goal, but with ambition and enthusiasm to set off along a long path towards the unknown; to make the big time and to help those professionals behind its success to accomplish great things.

Our greatest achievement: to have created an agency that is no more and no less than a dream come true.

More, Guillermo, Rosalía, Jesús, Fernando, Pablo, Leandro, Cristina, Sara, Pedro, Carlos, Mónica, Nati, Gonzalo, Nico, Jorge, Lourdes, Milagros, Elisabet, Ester, Ana, Marta, Quique, Alejandra, and Eva. Words that are more than names for us, since they have been and still are the driving force behind the company, its joy, its strength. People who with their work and determination have managed to position Divertia as one of the benchmarks of the MICE industry and comedy entertainment; people who have and still are the voice and face of the company, engaging the numerous clients who have placed their confidence in us.

But this achievement and many others are the result of a long learning curve, of a combination of successes and some failures, of difficulties, of new challenges, of good and bad moments; moments that, in short, have served the company to build its present.

Nowadays, Divertia is continuing along the path, a path that has only just begun, a path that, nevertheless, has established the foundations of a different business model, focusing on people: employees, clients, suppliers, and friends. We would like to share with you our successes and thank you for helping us to achieve our greatest goal: to create an agency that is a dream come true – a dream of two friends who set out on that path 15 years ago.