The Westin Palace Madrid Opens New Meeting and Event Facilities


The project represents the last phase of an €11 million investment programme implemented over the last 18 months by the company owning the hotel.

After celebrating its first centenary this October, and on the verge of resetting the counter, The Westin Palace Madrid has expanded and refurbished its facilities with the opening of a new fully renovated meeting and event complex that, after many decades of being put to other uses, has now reverted back to the hotel. Starting out in 1913 as the glamorous "Brasserie del Palace", the new Palace complex was previously occupied by a cinema, offices, a shopping centre, and Planet Hollywood.

With a total investment of 5€ million, the new 1,185sqm Palace complex practically doubles the hotel’s existing capacity. As a result, The Westin Palace now the best choice of luxury event and banqueting facilities in Madrid.

The hotel’s new Palace complex, which opened on 1 October, has been designed by the Rockwell Group Europe architectural studio as a modern, flexible, multifunctional venue for hosting all kinds of events, including exhibitions, presentations, cocktail parties, dinners, fashion shows, etc.

The project revolves around the idea of recuperating the essence of the emblematic "Brasserie del Palace", preserving the hotel’s original architecture, while creating a more modern and ethereal atmosphere.

Visually connecting with the Fountain of Neptune, one of Madrid’s landmarks in which it is inspired, and incorporating the theme of water as one of its chief elements, the project design goes beyond the building since it also manages to embrace the urban context.

The submarine language of Neptune also characterizes the complex’s furniture and fittings based on fluid, organic lines, and the predominating neutral, metallic tones lend the facilities a fresh, modern air.

The project also includes a new staircase, as a prolongation of the hotel’s original one, connecting the new meeting and event facilities with the Paseo del Prado at street level.

With direct access to the hotel lobby, the different venues making up the complex have high ceilings, ideal for major presentations and product launches, and plenty of natural light, undoubtedly one their most outstanding features.

The new Palace complex comprises several exceedingly flexible venues which can be adapted to any number of layouts:

  • Palace I/II/III is the largest venue (585sqm) accommodating 320 in banquet format and 560 in reception format. With large windows affording plenty of natural light, this highly flexible venue can be adapted to the requirements of each event.
  • Palace I/II can be used as an auditorium accommodating 280 people.
  • Palace III, a perfect backstage venue among other uses, occupies 120sqm and is connected to the rest of the Palace facilities.
  • Circulo Palace is a very unique 400sqm venue where banquets and receptions, with a maximum of 300 and 450 people, respectively, can be held. The venue also features a ceiling height of over 5m and an accessible, surrounding mezzanine. It is also equipped with a cutting-edge lighting system in the form of a surrounding curtain, with a palette of 256 colours allowing for the creation of different ambiences and the venue to be adapted to the corporate colours of each company.

The Palace complex can also be booked for exclusive use, thus allowing clients to use an external catering service thanks to its fully-equipped kitchen.

With a maximum capacity for 800 people, it is a versatile, minimalist, customizable and flexible space endorsed by the know-how of The Westin Palace with 100 years of history and experience in the industry at the service of its clients and always looking to the future.

With the opening of the hotel’s new meeting and event facilities, Host Spanish Operating TRS. SL. has culminated a 11€ million investment, including the refurbishing of 80 rooms and renovation of the building’s façade and slate roof over a period of 18 months. The Westin Palace Madrid is now in optimum conditions to commence its second century of history.

The new Palace complex