Vision Communication celebrates its 7th anniversary

Vision Communication has just celebrated its seventh anniversary. Last month, the company’s core team, partners, collaborators and clients gathered together at the Dux Cocktails & Gins bar in Barcelona for a night filled with live music, refreshments and a cheerful atmosphere to celebrate the achievements and successes of Vision Communication during the last seven years. The evening culminated with a speech by founder Ramon Vila, where he highlighted the challenges achieved during this time, where they have overcome several struggles, as well as the new goals the company set for the next 7 years. A short animated video produced and directed by Vision Communication was screened and a double decker cake also made an appearance.

Vision Communication puts together the two passions of its core team: development and communication. Vision’s commitment to promoting tolerance, freedom, and equality within the fields of environmental and social development, combined with ground-breaking creativity, has brought the company to develop an innovative vision aimed at improving the world through communication, what they call Communication for Action. In recent months, the company has worked on issues such as fighting unemployment, the integration of refugees, or a new service-hub for the environmental sector, just to name a few.

It is no secret that over the last decade the world has witnessed the evolution and application of many new ideas within crucial fields of development. Vision Communication has continued to vigorously support efforts of innovation within these fields, all while establishing itself as a valued and respected international communications agency.

Vision Communication, which was born during the major financial crisis of the last few decades, is proud to celebrate its seventh anniversary and hopes to continue its mission of developing communication for action for many years to come.

Happy Birthday Vision Communication - and thank you to everyone whose paths have crossed with ours over these past seven years.

Vision Communication celebrates its 7th anniversary