Vintage tea and coffee bar

Alfombra Roja has come up with something new for the 2016 season: an original and decorative tea and coffee service; another way of decorating and putting the finishing touch on your summer party.

If you are looking for something completely new, our recommendation is that you opt for a tea and coffee bar.

In fact, tea is becoming increasingly more popular at the expense of coffee. There are many flavours, thus making this beverage a popular option.

We provide your guests with high-quality teabags with different flavours, in addition to a Nespresso machine with two varieties of coffee to choose from.

The service also includes a table with several china tea services and teapots. Both original and spectacular, the services include antique teacups (80 in all, as well as recipients for water, milk, and sugar, etc.). We also set up and dismantle everything after the party or event.

- Up to 50 people: €5.50/person (VAT not included) (minimum of 50 people)
- 51 people or more: €4.50/ person (VAT not included).

Prices include the following: special decoration (antique teacups), quality tea (2 bags per person), coffee (1 per person), water, milk, set-up, coordination and transport in the province of Malaga.

Vintage tea and coffee bar