Twenty Spanish Universities Meet in Granada to Strengthen Strategic Position as Conference and Meeting Promoters


From 26-27 April 2012, Granada University hosted the 7th Meeting of University and University Foundation Conference Offices.

The Granada University Enterprise General Foundation and OCUE (University and University Foundation Conference Office Association) organized the 7th Meeting of University and University Foundation Conference Offices, held at the Senate of Granada University from 26-27 April. The meeting was attended by representatives of 20 public and private universities from all over Spain.

The representatives of the universities and university foundations addressed a number burning issues affecting conference management, including the use of R&D&I in event management, the tax framework applicable to this activity and branding as means of promoting the service.

The assembly of the University and University Foundation Conference Office Association (OCUE) was also held parallel to the event, at which the actions carried since the creation of the association were submitted and approved. The assembly also served to submit and approve the agenda for the following months, including the launching of the association’s website, and the bilateral meeting between university conference offices from Spain and Great Britain, organized by the consortium Venuemasters, and scheduled to be held at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Furthermore, Lerida University was chosen as the venue for the 8th OCUE Meeting, which will be held in the first quarter of 2013.