Turispad’s Wi-Fi installations for events


Nowadays, any event, be it a scientific congress, business meeting or product presentation, needs a robust and reliable Wi-Fi network.

Always using the latest in quality technology, Turispad offers a full solution with its Wi-Fi network installation service. By strategically distributing cutting-edge equipment, the firm achieves an optimum coverage, allowing the participants to connect wherever they are, without having to resort to those areas "with a better connectivity".

Turispad can install Wi-Fi networks with any configuration, both indoors and outdoors, with unlimited coverage. There are systems available that can satisfy a massive demand for Internet connectivity, without interruptions or failures.

For events without unpleasant surprises, Turispad’s team of technicians are prepared to deal with any problem. And if the event to be staged is a congress, the firm offers its clients CongressOnTheGo, an especially designed congress management app.

Live event filming and broadcasting

Included in its range of services, Turispad also handles event filming and broadcasting. From conferences to seminars, through meetings, Turispad helps its clients to film the content of their events for its subsequent distribution.