Transform yourself into Picasso: a fascinating trip back in time

Here is a simple mental exercise: close your eyes and imagine that you are on any pedestrian street. You look down and see your feet and the irregular grey cobbles of one of the streets of the historical centre. You look up to admire the intense blue sky. Around you, the streets are full of bars, restaurants and shops. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then you notice. A shop window offers you a revealing detail. In it, you see a different reflection of yourself. You are no longer an adult, but a child. Your clothes have changed. They are from another era. Your way of looking, Your smile. Your dreams. Who are you? Where are you? What are you doing? You smile at the time that your image reflects. You have just clicked.

You are in Malaga. And, for a few hours, you have put yourself in the shoes of one of its most famous citizens: Picasso.

You are not alone. A group of people, workmates, are accompanying you in an experience that takes you back in time, an immersion in the roots of one of the most brilliant artists in the history of mankind. Explore, discover, enjoy!