Toledo Maintains Position in Spanish Congress City Ranking


In 2010, the number of national and international meetings was up 106% and 63%, respectively, on figures for 2009, thus compensating the estimated 55% drop in regional meetings.

In 2010, Toledo hosted 1,403 meetings, with 91,223 participants, generating revenues of over €16 million, according to the statistical report on meeting activity prepared by the Toledo Convention Bureau, using data supplied by 36 venues, including hotels, auditoriums and congress centres.

Of the 1,403 registered events, 93 were congresses (with respect to 71 in 2009, representing a 31% increase), 182 conventions (down 4% with respect to figures for 2009), and 1,128 seminars (compared with 1,145 in 2009).

With respect to previous years, both national and international congresses and seminars experienced an important growth (up 106 and 63%, respectively, on figures for 2009), while regional congresses, conventions and seminars dropped considerably (down 55% with respect to 2009).

The report of the Toledo Convention Bureau, managed by the Toledo Chamber of Commerce, also highlights the most important congress held in 2010, featuring the 1st International Autism Congress (450 delegates), the National Congress of Local Administration Secretaries, Controllers and Treasures (500 delegates), the 8th National Congress of Paediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Disease (500 delegates), the 10th National Eucharistic Congress (800 delegates), the 1st National Congress of Small Municipalities (600 delegates), the 3rd National Congress of Association Executives (170 delegates), the 8th International Fibromyalgia Congress MYOPAIN 2010 (220 delegates), the 16th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (150 delegates), the 6th International Congress of Museification of Archaeological Sites (400 delegates), and the 10th Annual Congress of the Spanish Society of Work Traumatology (350 delegates).

With the opening of the city's congress centre in a couple of months, it is envisaged that the number of congresses held in Toledo will continue to grow over the next few years. Along these lines, the city has submitted bids for national and international congresses scheduled from 2012-2015, some of which will congregate more than 1,000 delegates.