Tenth Edition of Danza Malaga Festival


The 10th edition of the Danza Malaga Festival will get under way at 7pm on Wednesday, 28 October, at the Civic Centre of Malaga (avenida de los Guindos, 48), with the presentation of the Dance Company of Seoul (South Korea).

The Korean choreographers Ha Jung Oh (Seoul) and Jung Jung Ha (Busan) will be performing together on Thursday, 29 October, at the Municipal Theatre of Ronda, and on Friday, 30 October, at 9pm, at the Cultural Centre of Nerja.

On 28 October, there will be a video projection of the choreography of the University of Seoul, followed by a debate, at Malaga’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

The closing ceremony will take place in Nerja, with exhibitions, projections, and a final performance given by the Koreans. It is the first time “Aroma”, by Arantxa Sagardoy (who has worked as an assistant choreographer at the Cirque du Soleil and the Paris Opera Ballet), will be performed to love music in Malaga.

According to the co-ordinator of the festival, Alexei Issacovitch of Danza Malaga, the event is a platform for young choreographers, who have the opportunity to present their work and meet up with local artistes. The success of this initiative can be gauged by the fact that the Malaga-based Fernando Hurtado dance company has been invited to perform in South Korea in 2010.