Take a break: eateries in Madrid

The event industry gives you a chance to get to know hundreds of restaurants. Anyone working as a professional event organizer or in the industry always has quite a few in mind that are a safe bet: restaurants that, due to their excellent service, cuisine, ambience or setting, ensure a good experience for the guests; restaurants that, in some way, are related to our work.

But what if we had to choose a restaurant for ourselves, to lunch or dine with friends, which would be our choice? In the section “Let’s talk about events, let’s talk about people”, we put this question to our guests. All the restaurants are in Madrid and some are really spectacular:

  • Filandon – Mario de las Muelas: foundinf partner and CEO of Terra Consultoría.
  • Gerardo – Javier Fernandez Aguado: president of Mind Value, speaker, and writer.
  • Silk & Soya – Mago More: magician, presenter, entrepreneur, scriptwriter, actor, and speaker.
  • El Jardin Secreto – Barbara Gomez: marketing and communication manager at Coam.
  • El acebo de Boadilla – Mr Corrales: comedian, presenter, speaker, and coach.
  • Tasca Qualite – Sara Escudero: monologist, presenter, and actress.
  • Arce – Hernan Perez Lovisolo: founding partner of Work Out Events.
  • Il Regno di Napoli – Dani Delacamara: comedian, presenter, and speaker.
  • Sant Celoni – Francisco Alcaide: speaker, writer, and leadership and motivation coach.

Lastly, our own recommendation: Couzapin, an Asturian restaurant, currently celebrating its eight anniversary, where we usually go to celebrate our successes and where Roberto Rubio and his team give us five-star treatment.

If you do not know any of these restaurants, try them out and then let us know. Bon appetit!