Street Art Experience: discovering the most vindicatory and creative side of a destination

Exploramas has launched this new experience, combining graffiti and team building, for incentives, conventions and corporate events.

The activity involves immersing participants in the urban art culture of a destination through examples of several of the best known graffiti artists and also by means of techniques used in this discipline of street expression.

“We have successfully developed this experience in Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid,” Manuel Araujo, director of Exploramas, explains before going on to emphasize that “there are a number of outstanding graffiti artists who have worked for celebrities such as Obama and U2, and their works are present in our streets.”

For this reason, in Street Art Experience participants are introduced to real artistic gems “by an art professional with work experience at museums such as the Thyssen in Madrid or the Contemporary Art Centre of Malaga.

Although there is much more to the activity than discovering examples of graffiti, since it also involves a team competition in which participants vie with one another to express their most creative vision of the destination.

Sprays, brushes, felt-tips, stickers, stencils… a full tool kit with which participants are expected to paint an original mural formed by versatile boxes: “The use of boxes as a canvas offers a host a possibilities when creating different teamwork dynamics, and facilitates the transport and use of the work wherever the client wants.”

Exploramas last organized this experience in Malaga a few days ago. “The participants discovered some of the most surprising examples of graffiti art in Soho, as well as the histories and anecdotes behind them,” Araujo concluded. Afterwards, “in teams, they depicted their vision of the destination with their own graffiti on the roof terrace of the CAC.”

This fun experience is suitable for groups of all sizes and can be organized indoors or outdoors.

Malaga Urban Soho from Exploramas on Vimeo.