Red UNIO Encourages Clients to Perform Voodoo on Their Suppliers


This autumn, Red UNIO has launched a new campaign in which the agency encourages clientes to perform voodoo on their suppliers.

With the "Perform Voodoo on Your Suppliers" campaign, Red UNIO intends to provide clients with the opportunity to let off steam for all those times when they have put their trust in a supplier that has not been up to scratch.

Advertising and events are two complex industries, each campaign requires a lot of work, and we frequently find ourselves hoping that our suppliers will be capable of adequately implementing our ideas. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned and, in the end, it is the client who is left holding the baby.

Problems with supermarket permits, logistic errors, or promotional staff who do not comply with the briefing are just a few of the habitual sins.

The aim of "Perform Voodoo on Your Suppliers" is to put the boot on the other foot so as to allow clients to vent their frustration while trusting that a bit of voodoo will help avoid repeating bad experiences.

At UNIO, we believe that the moment has come to rely on a touch of black magic, for which reason we are sending voodoo dolls to some of the main agencies, together with an invitation to get to know our voodoo experts.

¿Who knows? Maybe a bit of black magic can save you problems in long run.

Red UNIO encourages clients to perform voodoo on their suppliers