OCUE Network Celebrates 10th Anniversary


The OCUE, a network of conference offices belonging to universities and university foundations, held its 10th meeting last March, at Valencia Polytechnic University. In 2011, the institutions forming part of the network decided to create an association with two main objectives:

  • To contribute to the consolidation of universities as meeting and event venues, strengthening their role and visibility in the business tourism industry.
  • To share knowledge with other national and international institutions to this end, so as to improve the associates’ professional practice and to guarantee quality.

After a decade, the 14 associated institutions are very pleased with how these objectives have been reached and the possibility of standardizing the different convention office models.

The association’s current challenge is to carry out a study, using data collected from a widely circulated questionnaire, which identifies the current situation as regards event organization and management at Spain’s universities and serves as a useful tool for discussing the future of this activity, both at the universities themselves and in the tourism industry.

More information about OCUE: www.ocue.org.