MODE MEDIA Flashes World Mobile Congress 2018

During the World Mobile Congress 2018, our production house was hired by Appsee an Israeli company that provide an app analytics platform which gives users an analysis of their behaviour.

MODE MEDIA’s camera crew interviewed Appsee’s staff and clients about the purpose of the platform and qualitative analytics. Nineteen live interviews were recorded by our camera operator and sound technician in one day. Our team took care of the video production with our 4K cameras, live sound and editing.

We produced and edited three videos for Appsee’s marketing purposes:

1st video – an introduction video on who they are as a company, and explaining problems that their application can solve, furthermore they made a focus on the World Mobile Congress and what people’s perception of the brand APPSEE were.

Mobile World Congress 2018 from MODE: video production company Barcelona.

2nd video – an educational video on the concept of the new business standard, introducing their qualitative analytics, and why their technology is needed in this era.

3rd video – an educational video with a bit more humour, explaining more in depth their concept of qualitative analytics, focusing solely on the employees expressing their opinions about the concept.