Melia Removes Shark Fin from Menus


The measure applies to all Melia Hotels International properties worldwide with the aim of contributing to marine ecosystem and environmental protection.

As part of the global chain’s commitment to sustainability, environmental protection and respect for biodiversity, the Asia Pacific Region of Melia Hotels International announced at the beginning of the month that it will remove shark fin from the menus of its restaurants, as well as all events held at its facilities.

The initiative forms part of the company’s global sustainability and CSR policy and is a further demonstration of its commitment to the responsible use of resources, given that Melia Hotels International believes that sustainability is only possible if the impact of operations on the natural environment is identified both locally and globally. With the removal of shark fin as an ingredient, Melia intends to contribute to the protection of the important role sharks play in maintaining balance in marine ecosystems.

As predators, sharks are a key species in the food chain and also indicators of the health of our oceans. They eliminate the weakest prey, maintain balance with competitors, and guarantee the diversity of species. Their reduction or elimination in coral reef ecosystems allows other predators to proliferate and feed on herbivores. The direct consequence of the reduction of herbivores is the growth of macroalgae with which coral cannot compete.

This action once again demonstrates Melia Hotels International’s commitment to reducing the impact of its activities and preserving the biological diversity of the tourist destinations in which it operates through showing the greatest respect to its flora and fauna.