Many Colors organizes Amway internal convention for more than 1000 people

Many Colors handled the management of the Leadership Training Seminar Morocco 2017, an event held from 14-20 May for over 1000 distributers of Amway, one of the world’s largest direct selling companies.

Many Colors handled all the logistical management during the six-day event, working as a destination management company in Morocco.

Given the large number of attendees, they were divided into two smaller groups of 640 and 440, who stayed in different areas of the country: El Jadida and Marrakech. Both destinations served as base camps where different group activities were carried out, including internal meetings and incentive activities.

In El Jadida, the plenary sessions were held on the 16 and 18 May. To this end, different brands forming the Many Colors group handled graphic production, the floral decoration at one of the gala dinners, as well as taking the minutes and adapting designs to different advertising formats.

To ensure that both groups had a good time, they joined up on the 17th, which involved coordinating 20 coaches, accompanied by lorries transporting their luggage.

In Marrakech, Many Colors organized a city tour and two dinners. One was held in the El Palmeral area at a typical Moroccan camp, where the attendees participated in variety of activities revolving around the country’s traditions. Entertainment was also laid on for them, including a fantasia-type horse show, acrobats and fire eaters, traditional dances, etc. There was also a chill out area for smoking shishas, a home-made bread workshop, and henna tattooing.

The gala dinner was held at Jbilates Palace, where Many Colors handled the lighting and décor, after which the participants were treated to a belly dancing show.