Jenson Button and Pedro de la Rosa in Vodafone Team Challenge at City of Arts and Sciences


The drivers of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team competed in a go-kart race and a golf challenge against members of the Vodafone Team in Valencia.

On the occasion of the European Grand Prix held last weekend in Valencia, and as part of the Vodafone Team programme, through which Vodafone Spain helps up-and-coming Spanish personalities to forge ahead in their careers, the City of Arts and Sciences hosted a golf and go-kart challenge with the participation of Jenson Button and Pedro de la Rosa, both drivers of the Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes team, and Vodafone Team members Maxi Cortes (motor racing) and Jose María Orozco (golf).

At the event, which was divided into two parts, the drivers of Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes’ Formula 1 team competed against Vodafone Team members in two of its catagories. Firstly, De la Rosa and Button pitted their skills against Jose María Orozco on a spectacular 20m long green. In the second part of the event, both drivers competed against Maxi Cortes on a go-kart track built for the occasion on one of the lakes of the City of Arts and Sciences.

The event was also attended by Gustavo Ballesteros (free-style skiing) and Josele Gonzalez (football), both members of Vodafone Team, a pioneering sports mentoring programme that aims to help up-and-coming sportpeople to reach the elite in their different disciplines, while developing all their personal skills. In addition to the two sportsmen who attended the event, Vodafone Team also assists Sara Sorribes (tennis) and Daniel Caverzaschi (wheelchair tennis).

AboutVodafone Team

Sports mentoring is a learning process in which the mentor dedicates time, effort and knowledge so as to provide the protégé with new perspectives, broaden his/her way of thinking, and help him/her to use his/her full potential both as a person and a professional. Vodafone Spain has implemented an initiative to provide the country’s up-and-coming sports personalities with full support through a sports talent development programme.