Ist International Sustainable Hotel Management Congress


The Hotel Fuerte El Rompido in Cataya (Huelva) will host the 1st International Sustainable Hotel Management Congress, to be held from 10-11 May.

Sustainable tourism
In tourism, the growing interest in travelling to destinations with a noteworthy cultural and natural heritage goes hand in hand with public awareness, also on the increase, and concern for environmental and social matters. Improved technical and management solutions minimising environmental impact have created better market opportunities for sustainable products. These advances have also affected the tourist industry which is now working towards sustainability, although not as quickly as would be desired.

Question marks
Nonetheless, sustainable tourism raises several question marks. The first addresses the extent to which sustainable initiatives in tourism attract consumers to companies or destinations. Secondly, there is the question of whether consumers are willing to change their holiday plans for environmental and social reasons. Lastly, there is the matter of marketing environmentally friendly tourist products, and whether there are other ways of promoting them.

At the forefront of sustainability
The congress’ chief aim is to act a showcase for the latest in sustainability, and convince the tourist industry that it is ultimately responsible for leading the way.