Interactive Meetings with iPads


The Madrid-based firm PadInTheCity would like to share its experiences in using iPads at a professional level at all sorts of events.

Below, PadInTheCity explains how to use IdeaFlight, a presentation support app that brings the iPads alive.

With this app, the presenter (pilot) interacts with the presentation or document in his or her device while the meeting attendees (passengers), each equipped with an iPad, observe is real time the slides, notes and indications that the presenter makes on his or her devices.

Instead of using a projector, each attendee has a detailed version of the presentation in the palm of his or her hand!

Some Practical Uses

  • At meetings with PowerPoint presentations or keynotes.
  • During guided tours of museums or galleries.
  • Product presentations.
  • Design or campaign assessment meetings.
  • Reading shared documents.
  • As a support tool for courses and workshops.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Any "passenger" can become the presentation’s "pilot" at any time.
  • The app works even without a Wi-Fi network, since it can function with the iPad’s Bluetooth connection.
  • Users have a copy of the presentation on their iPads which they can consult at their leisure, email, annotate, etc.
  • Participants at the meeting can access their LinkedIn profile and share their name, photo and profile with others present, as well as network with them.
  • The app is available in several languages including English, Spanish, French, and German.