GSM, international consortium of which >atlanta is exclusive partner in national market, is now Reed & Mackay

Reed & Mackay, a founding partner of the Global Specialist Markets (GSM) consortium, an international association of leading companies in corporate travel management, has decided to absorb the brand and image of the consortium as a global business strategy.

>atlanta travel & corporate events consultants, as an exclusive partner of the old GSM consortium (now Reed & Mackay) in the Spanish market since 2009, has received the announcement as a chance to broaden its business and client portfolio, as well as its international presence, due to the position of Reed & Mackay in financially robust markets, such as the USA and the UAE, and in technological investment.

Reed & Mackay, together with its 33 partners for all over the world, has consolidated its position as a specialist in the management of global corporate travel and event accounts. Reed & Mackay’s most recent expansion has been in the German market, where it has taken an equity position in the local partner Moll Travel.

As a partner of the consortium, >atlanta is an expert in its market, and the network facilitates providing global solutions, making the most of the vision and local knowledge of each one of the partners. Thanks to this, >atlanta has consolidated its position as a local agency providing a worldwide service.

The experience of the Reed & Mackay consortium, a highly professional staff, and patented cutting-edge technology iQ, R&M TRAVEL SOLUTIONS, which allows for data consolidation and coherence, as well as online booking systems, apps, and a travel risk management platform, guarantees clients profitability and an exceptional service, offering unbeatable results as regards savings, security, and traveller satisfaction.