Grupo Nordeste looks back on year replete with success

At Grupo Nordeste, we can summarize 2015 as a very successful year as regards the event industry.

Large production companies have placed their confidence in us and, as a result, we have contributed to the security of some of Spain’s major events.

One hundred members of our security staff were present at Barcelona’s New Year’s Eve festivities, with 75,000 people, Barcelona’s “fiesta mayor” with 80 access controllers, as well as La Diada de Catalonia and Epiphany celebrations throughout the region.

We have also provided security at some of the country’s top concerts, including those performed by Dani Martín, El Barrio, Bob Dylan, Anastacia, Pet Shop Boys, Jessy J, Sara Baras, Spandau Ballet, and Mica, to name but a few.

For 2016, we hope to continue to train our team and integrate new technologies with the aim of improving the quality of our services.

We wish you all the very best in 2016.

Some of the events in which Grupo Nordeste participated in 2015