CSR Dreams Bikes: when a team building activity germinates a future social action

A multinational plans a coaching programme for the children of two foster homes in Malaga, after learning about their situation through a team-building and CSR activity.

Everything changed that afternoon of 18 January. In a function room of the Puente Romano Hotel, around 100 employees of a multinational were participating in a team-building activity. Outside, 15 children from two foster homes in Malaga were enjoying a gymkhana.

Without knowing, both groups represented two sides of a highly emotional experience: a CSR activity designed and developed by Exploramas for the DMC España Incoming.

“The initial premise was an activity that allowed them to work in groups, but, at the same time, went beyond the typical team-building concept,” explained Manuel Araujo, CEO of Exploramas. “They wanted to leave their mark on the social environment, so we designed an experience so that, as well as meeting their requirements, also had an unforgettable emotional impact on them.”

And that is what happened. The company, belonging to the children’s hygiene sector with a presence on five continents, was holding its convention at the Puente Romano Hotel (Marbella), and this activity, CSR Dreams Bikes, formed part of the programme.

The company’s employees participated in the activity, unaware of its ultimate purpose. In the initial briefing, they only received information about the activity, as well as being informed that their collective efforts would allow them to donate a number of bicycles to a foster home in Malaga.

The group was divided into teams, each of which was allotted a color and the name of one of the children benefitting from their altruism. The experience included designing and making flags with the name of child in question and a message, a number of mind games to obtain tools, the search for materials in the environs of the hotel and, lastly, the assembly of each bicycle.

While this was going on, nearby the staff of Exploramas was supervising a gymkhana for the children of the San José de la Montaña and Ángeles Custudio foster homes.

Each group was unaware of the presence of the other until, “by chance”, they encountered each other in one of the hotel’s function rooms.

“The participants in the team-building activity were not expecting to meet the recipients of their work and the children did not know that they were going to receive such a magnificent gift,” said Araujo.

This encounter broke the ice. The employees of the company got to know firsthand the situation of the children, lending them their heartfelt support and encouragement before presenting them with their bicycles.

For the children, the encounter was a complete surprise, allowing them to thank the employees in person and to try out their bicycles, customized with the name of each child.

“The rhythm of the event, the timing, each small detail was keyed to that moment, that magical, highly emotional instant, which left an deep mark on the participants,” explained Araujo, who revealed that such was the emotional impact that the multinational, of its own accord, is currently studying the possibility of starting up a coaching programme in order to help these children find a job when they are 18.

“The mark that experiences of this type leave is so strong that it forges long-lasting links,” emphasized Araujo when referring to an event that, on previous occasions, has also led to an ongoing collaboration between the company in question and several of these children.

Furthermore, Exploramas organizes activities for these children throughout the year, using its own resources.

They are actions that form part of Exploramas’ commitment project, a CSR programe that “motivates us, mobilizes is and about which we are passionate.”

With offices in Malaga and Barcelona, Exploramas is a corporate event agency with over 16 years of experience in the business.

The firm specializes in creating, designing, and organizing incentives and corporate team-building, adventure, and CSR activities.

CSR Dreams Bikes