Clave Participates in Pioneering Initiative in Malaga


The initiative involved coordinating the disembarkation and embarkation of nearly 5,000 cruise ship passengers, including near on 6,000 suitcases.

On 26 March, the cruise ship "Ventura" docked in the port of Malaga, with 2,538 passengers on board. Their disembarkation and the embarkation of 2,400 new passengers were coordinated in just four hours, including the checking-in of the luggage of the outbound passengers, who would later collect from their cases from reclaim conveyer belt on arriving at their airport of destination, while the inbound passengers, flying in from different European cities, found the luggage that they checked in at the airport that they had flown out of in their respective cabins.

For this pioneering initiative, the Malaga-based event staff and organization firm Clave provided 60 members of staff.

Clave participates in a pioneering initiative in Malaga