City of Arts and Sciences campaign combines spectacular images with quotations by famous geniuses

The City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia) has launched a new campaign showcasing its spectacular architecture with black and white photos accompanied by quotations by great scientists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein.

With the claim “Feel knowledge”, the new campaign has been designed by the Valencia agency NGT, which has produced 20- and 10-second spots in Spanish and Valencian. The agency has also created the general graphics for the complex and each facility: the Hemispheric, the Science Museum and the Oceanographic.

This campaign has been launched in digital media and on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, where it is having a notable impact in the facility’s official channel @CityArtsScience as regards retweets, and with over 180,000 views in Facebook. Shortly, the campaign will appear on national television, on Internet both at home and abroad and in outside advertising.

It is worth mentioning that the maxim of science and the value of knowledge are reinforced by the campaign’s claim: “Feel knowledge”.

The City of Arts and Sciences