ChamberTrust Awards Hotel Hacienda El Santiscal its Seal of Confidence


The Hotel Hacienda El Santiscal has recently received the ChamberTrust Seal of confidence, which is awarded by chambers of commerce the world over to companies providing product and service guarantees.

Recognition of excellence

The hotel is a member of the Spanish Hotel Association, through which it has received this recognition of excellence.

Companies awarded this seal become members of a global network of confidence run by chambers of commerce from all over the world. Any company can access the network through the portal to find information about products, companies and services in practically the whole world.

This database comprises international companies that have gone through the same validation procedure to belong to this global network.

Members all over the world

Countries belonging to ChamberTrust include Canada, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Malaysia, among others.

Hacienda El Santiscal is a member of the Spanish Hotel Association and Historic Hotels of Europe (HHE).