bigBite official communication and PR agency for 7th edition of Agripina Awards

The 7th edition of the Spanish Awards for Advertising, Marketing and Communication, scheduled to take place on 30 November 2017, will once again pay tribute to the best advertising initiatives of the year.

bigBite has been named the official communication and PR agency of the next edition of the Spanish Awards for Advertising, Marketing and Communication whose aim is to recognize and reward creativity in advertising. In Spain, different communication campaigns are being carried out in the press, on the radio and TV, on billboards, and in the digital media. For this reason, the Agripina Awards have become a benchmark in national advertising and, therefore, a showcase for the most interesting proposals. Furthermore, the awards are a forum for reflection and debate with seminars and roundtables.

As in previous editions, the aim is to disseminate innovation in communication through the creative talent of the proposals chosen in each category, thus promoting advertising and marketing culture among entrepreneurs, in order to highlight the importance of original communication in the development of any business model. One of the new features this year is that the jury is formed by seven judges. A creative campaign has been created around this number for this new edition, the 7th, whose slogan is ‘Bet everything on seven’.

The award categories have been chosen with the aim of adapting acknowledgements so as to best reflect the reality of the advertising and communication industry. The members of the jury will select a winner and 1st and 2nd finalists in each category. The final part of the selection process will take place live at the awards ceremony, thus keeping the tension up until the very last moment.

Advertising agencies, design studios, media, production companies, printers, freelancers, students and all those professionals directly related to the communication industry can now register. In the 2016 edition, there were 13.5% more nominations than in the previous edition, with a total of 246 campaigns submitted by 64 agencies and advertisers.