Are you organizing an incentive or team-building activity for your staff?

If so, here are some ideas for your team-building event at Mas de Sant Lleí, an exclusive 100-acre estate for events and celebrations close to Barcelona.

Leadership with horses
Horses work as a team to survive. Our top coaches will teach you how to build teams on the basis of confidence, respect, and will-defined responsibilities. Seeing the members of your team working with horses, you will discover their real capacities and qualities, which will allow you to manage them in an absolutely coherent and honest fashion.

Wacky races
This activity is designed to put your team’s creativity, ingenuity and skill to the test. The participants are divided into different racing teams, as in Formula 1. Following the instructions and with a large dose of ingenuity, each team has to build their own Formula 1 prototype (practically life-size). After building their car, the teams are then expected to customize it before participating in ‘Wacky races’.

Escape room
This is a mind challenge in which ingenuity, teamwork and fun are the main ingredients. Will you team know how to work under pressure? In this activity, collaboration and time management are essential to reach the final objective: to escape from the room. It is a great way to discover the abilities and creative thinking of all the participants.