Are You Marketing to Eyeballs?


"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not followers" – Ralph Nader

A thought provoking quote, no doubt – and one that should reshape your thoughts on leadership. But what if I evolved the wording ever so slightly to make you rethink marketing your event business: "The function of marketing is to produce more marketers, not followers."

At its core, great marketing is about creating experiences that turn your customers into a voluntary salesforce. We can often be blinded by the desire to attract more eyeballs to our ad, our website or our Facebook page and lose sight of the far more important task of giving the people we have secured as clients a reason to sell our business for us.

The power behind this idea is that when looking for an event business, your customers will likely trust what other people, like them, have to say about your services far more than what you have to say about yourself.