Vertigo Communication brings together customers, distributors and employees of Indian port to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the brand

V Aniversario de Puerto de Indias

As the agency that manages all the events in Puerto de Indias, Vértigo Comunicación has been in charge of fully organising the event commemorating the fifth anniversary of the brand that took place last September in the well-known Seville Navigation Pavilion.

The event wanted to be a special appointment with those who have made it possible to make Puerto de Indias the company that it is today, the ninth most consumed gin in the world. In total, a thousand people came together to celebrate this anniversary between customers, distributors and employees.

The space chosen for this important event was the Navigation Pavilion, which was divided into five different areas: three rooms, one for each of the three gins that Puerto de Indias has in the market; the cocktail and party area and a terrace on the same bank of the Guadalquivir River.

An experiential tunnel through the five senses

To reach the main space, all attendees had to go through an experiential tunnel where the three brands of Puerto de Indias were the protagonists and in which sensory marketing played a very important role. The first room was dedicated to Gin Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition. In it, an authentic Sevillian street was recreated with olfactory allusions to the so characteristic smell of orange blossom that identifies the city of Seville and that is also manifested in this own gin. The smell, together with the exquisite decoration with Andalusian motifs and an ambient sound of water and horse-drawn carriages, helped to move the attendees to the city that saw the birth of this great company, Seville.

The second room was an authentic homage to the Mediterranean, making continuous insinuations to blue, the colour that characterises the packaging of Gin Puerto de Indias Classic. The citrus touches of this drink were also present in the atmosphere of the space, where you could also find marine elements such as nets, beach sand or sea knots, citrus baskets. An authentic Mediterranean beach was created and the ambient sound of seagulls and the waves of the sea also contributed to this.

The climax of this corporate tunnel was Gin Puerto de Indias Strawberry, the gin with which the brand began its journey five years ago. In this room a small distillery was recreated with even an old alembic. Of course, the strawberry was the protagonist in the whole theming of this space with the presence of even a small field of strawberries and ambient sound of nature. This variety of gins has an intense aroma and taste of strawberry and juniper, smells very present throughout the space.

Already in the cocktail area of the event, on the walls of the pavilion was showing at all times a projection of large dimensions (up to 29 meters wide by 9.5 high) with the new corporate image of Puerto de Indias as well as strategic messages that the brand wanted to convey to their guests. A dozen bartenders delighted the attendees with an extensive cocktail menu that served from a bar as a stand that ran through much of the space and was illuminated with lamps made from the packaging of this gin itself.

Finally, the guests were able to enjoy the best views of Seville from the terrace. The personalization of the event was so meticulous that from there, it could be seen that the tower of the Navigation Pavilion itself was entirely dressed with the image of Port of the Indies, making visible the event and the brand in much of the city.

Vértigo Comunicación not only coordinated the entire production of the event from an audiovisual and design point of view, but also carried out all the logistical tasks. The agency itself has also organized the transfer and accommodation of the thousand guests who attended the event.