RTA Officially Certified Agency by SICTED for Commitment to Tourism Quality


Promoted by the Tourism Institute of Spain (TURESPAÑA) and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), SICTED is a certification system geared to improving tourism destination quality.

Based on the integral awareness of the destination, identifying the common goals of the agents involved, the aim of SICTED is to work with companies and tourist services with the ultimate goal of improving the experience and satisfaction of tourists.

The organization pursues a consistent level of quality in the services offered to tourists within a destination, so as to eradicate any substantial quality gaps between different products (agents) making up a destination’s offerings, thus avoiding negative perceptions and increasing the satisfaction of tourists.

Among other tools, the certification process involves 30 good practice manuals, one for each job type. It offers training to companies and tourist services, technical visits for assistance by certified counsellors, regular workshops, groups to develop proposals for improvements and an adequate contrasting of assessments of the company/ service to quality standards. All this culminates in obtaining the Tourist Quality Commitment certification.

This certification is awarded on a biennial basis – with annual follow-up audits – to companies/ tourist services that have demonstrated compliance with the requirements, recognizing the efforts and commitment to quality and continuous improvement, thus distinguishing them from their competitive set.

For further Information please contact Valeska Nawatzki at: sales@dmc-rtaspain.com or on +34 934 776 227.