Wedding Venue: keys to choosing the best one in Mijas

 Espace mariage à Mijas

So you are those two lucky ones that just made one of the most important lifetime decisions - get married and share a happy life together! And of course, you want to celebrate the union of your hearts in a most unique and memorable way. Whether you are at the start of your dream venue search, or already have something in mind but still in doubt - PLAY, a modern event space in Mijas, is going to take you through the key points to help you make the right decision.


Set the date and check availability

If you have already come up with the date for your big day, we recommend you check with the venue if they are available. Peak wedding season in Spain is usually from May to October, so it’s better to book at least 6 months in advance. Our team get you the availability dates for the celebration venue in Mijas.


What is your wedding style?

Being clear about the date, you can now think of the wedding style that fits both of you. Are you going for a classic, vintage or romantic one? Our wedding venue in Mijas is able to accommodate its space to as many themes as you can imagine. So you can actually play with different styles to see which one fits your couple most. PLAY is very versatile and delivers flexibility to make your big day completely unique and exclusive. 


Location and Landscape

What scenery do you see as you imagine your special day - snowy mountains, flower fields, maybe your favourite urban area? If you two are dreaming about having a ceremony at the seaside, we invite you to consider our venue with an ample terrace and unforgettable views at the Mediterranean Sea.

Conveniently located venues have an advantage over those situated remotely and thus lacking a transport connection, which may be a headache if you are getting married as an expat in Spain ( and are planning to invite international guests. Being accessible, practical and close to amenities, PLAY wins another point over the other venues. Our event space in Mijas is just 20 minutes away from Marbella and the airport, so getting here is not a problem at all. 


Amount of guests and budget 

The number of family members and friends you are going to invite will also give you an idea of the type of the venue you should focus on. And the amount of guests, in turn, may be determined by your budget. If you are on a tight budget it doesn’t always mean you need to forget about large spacious venues. You may want to figure out your essential priorities to see if you better invest in a place, service, or your wedding style. Sometimes it’s a balance of all the elements. 

If you feel you need help with the evaluation or a piece of advice, our venue representatives will be more than happy to chat.


What else?

Details are important, so make sure you have cleared out all the doubts with the venue you will be speaking to. Do they allow outside vendors and suppliers in case you wish to bring a particular one that you have in mind? Is there enough natural daylight to take photos? Is live music allowed and do they have space for it? Think of any possible detail that is important to you. If you still feel you are somewhat lost or overwhelmed with the points mentioned, no worries, PLAY can take care of all this and tailor-make your big day. 

Our celebration space in Mijas provides an exceptional wedding service together with the best collaborators of Costa del Sol, so you can feel at ease and enjoy the process of planning your dream day.