We are now a part of the Trustbrand


In today's sometimes gloomy, alarming and very polarized world, it is more fun to advertise about seriously get started with certifying companies and brands that do extra good things for the world, that provides credible and driving contributions to sustainable development. Brands to trust, brands to be trusted, brands that challenge.

The INDIGO Travels & Events brand, which challenges the tourism industry and the world in sustainable ecotourism has reached the level and is certified as Trustbrand Challenger. The certification framework is the UN Global Compact that the UN does not evaluate at all.

Instead of waiting for the politicians, we actively intervene in the development. In today's world, we must do both. Actively create. Directly develop and intervene. Actively react and act against the world's states and major companies that in sustainable perspective, break down the world. Working towards sustainable development, we rebuild the world by reacting and acting. As a movement of citizens who are serious, we create our own system.

Trustbrand now evaluates whistleblower brands and partner organizations, Swedish listed companies, pension funds and banks' sustainability, brand and financial risks with and through the Trustbrand Intelligence system. We have created a new way of understanding, reporting and measuring sustainable corporate value. A new way to save and make a difference. Join the trustbrand movement, we can and will change the world as citizens and enterprises, True Corporate Citizenship