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Unique experiences in Andalusia: shopping and tapas tours, flamenco and Andalusian cooking workshops, shows and flamenco theme parties

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The world of flamenco is currently all the rage, be it for its cuisine, way of life, music and dancing, or fashion, which involves highlighting the sensuality of modern women attired in tremendously feminine and attractive dresses full of flounces. Our aim is to showcase flamenco fashion by offering you the chance to get to know firsthand this unique world, from shopping tours to cooking and tapas workshops. If you prefer music, register for one of our workshops and immerse yourself in flamenco rhythms, dancing to the sound of flamenco guitars and rhythm boxes. If unique experiences are what you are looking for, get to know the essence of flamenco and enjoy a traditional country pilgrimage or the proverbial Andalusian hospitality around a bonfire under a starry sky, sharing food and drink while dancing and singing to the sound of buleries and rumbas… an unforgettable experience! Regarding our shopping tours, we will accompany you to see the best flamenco fashion designers, where you will be able to try on the latest in flamenco inspired evening gowns or wedding dresses, or flamenco dresses to wear at the region’s local fairs or Rocio, all with their respective accessories including shoes, flowers, shawls, combs, earrings, broaches, necklaces, fans… and for those special clients, marvelous hand-embroidered Manila shawls. If you are a flamenco dancing enthusiast, we will also take you to buy the best professional dancing shoes, as well as castanets, guitars or rhythm boxes. Contact us now!

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