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Crewing support service for events, congresses, trade shows and temporary structures, Barcelona, Spain

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C/ Tarragona, 84-90, - 1º - 1ª
08015 Barcelona Barcelona

Founded in 1996 with the aim of providing top companies with a higher standard of conference and event organization services in the United Kingdom, the main aim of Gallowglass is to offer its clients perfectly structured crews of tried and trusted professionals for coordinating the multiple aspects of their meetings and events with utmost efficiency and safety – hence, the importance of providing its staff with theoretical and practical training, with the accent on occupational risk prevention in the industry.

The accumulated experience of our managers and crew chiefs –who have been central to Gallowglass' rapid growth and to differentiating the company from its competitors – enable us to ensure a high level of efficiency and productivity. They act as intermediaries between clients and their employees, checking their level of performance on a regular basis until achieving what we call the "Gallowglass' gold standard."

The company currently has 10 offices in the United Kingdom, two in France, one in Monaco, and another in Barcelona. Furthermore, it has a portfolio of over 2,000 clients and now operates on an international scale. Gallowglass has been an official service provider for events as outstanding as the G20 meeting held in 2009 and the London 2012 Olympic Games, while having also participated actively in the Mobile World Congress since 2006.

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