Expresión Fabricación y Montaje (beon. Worldwide)
Customized stand, stage set and scenery design, manufacture and assembly, Spain and Portugal

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Garibay, 7
28007 Madrid Madrid

Our professional team designs, makes and assembles customized stand, stages sets and scenery, optimizing all resources.

Customized Stands: We design and offer technical design solutions, using all the materials available on the market: wood, metal, textile, vinyl, methacrylate, and glass, among others.

Stage Sets and Scenery: We know all the secrets of stage machinery: we bring set designs to life in the most efficient way, optimizing resources and, at the same time, facilitating the functioning of other technical elements, as well as adapting everything to the characteristics of the event and venue: TV sets, congress centres, theatres and special venues, among others.

Interior Design: We handle interior design projects, including window dressing and furniture design, adapting spaces and creating appropriate solutions for each project.

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