Clavel y Flamenco Performance

Flamenco shows and soirées for corporate events and private celebrations throughout Spain

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C/ Genil, s/n Casa 18
18008 Granada Granada

Union of flawless flamenco art enjoying enormous prestige the world-over, whose aim is to transmit to the audience what flamenco is really about: force, passion, beauty, rhythm, sensuality, happiness, and emotion in an elegant fashion and where each of these factors is essential. A dynamic, enjoyable show, with several costume changes, featuring the most lively flamenco styles, in addition to different and highly reputed pieces of music adapted especially for our show, Clavel y Flamenco faithfully represents the roots of flamenco but introducing original elements and a fusion of styles, such as the violin and flamenco flute, which contribute beauty and elegance, all while respecting tradition. A long track record in performing shows for incentives, congresses, private parties and events in general for major companies. We also provide other flamenco products, such as our chic flamenco dinner where we create a flamenco ambience with the aim of submerging the audience in an atmosphere of elegance and originality with a touch of modernity, but without losing the elements that form a part and accompany our art since time immemorial. Fans, carnations, castanets and shawls. Crystal, candles and precious fabrics, all united to create enveloping spaces that transport clients to flamenco worlds full of rhythm.

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